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Eighty-three sites totalling almost 160 hectares of land are set to be made available for development/ investment over the next 18 months by Local Authority partners across the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority (SYMCA).

The latest update of SYMCA’s Land Development and Disposal Plan (SYMCA LDDP) – covering Quarter 1 (2019/20) – showcases sites available for a range of potential uses including residential and commercial development, as well as wider investment activity.

This regional level LDDP, the first of its kind in the country, was created after requests from developers and our private sector partners to provide transparency around public sector land opportunities.

Based on feedback we have enhanced this quarterly update by including more detail on when the individual sites will be marketed/ available. In addition, the LDDP sites are now mapped and included as part of the SYMCA Investment Opportunities Portfolio.

You can download a SYMCA Land Development and Disposal Plan Opportunities (2019/20 - Q3) spreadsheet (xls, 30kb) with further details.

Further information on the sites included in the LDDP can be obtained by clicking on the appropriate link (in the Local Authority column of the spreadsheet).

The SYMCA LDDP has been developed by the SYMCA Public Asset Development Board which has a key focus on speeding up the sale of surplus public sector assets to maximise opportunities for housing and economic growth, and to make the most efficient use of the public sector estate.

Over the coming months, the SYMCA LDDP will be developed in order to include all surplus public sector land across the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, including opportunities from across a range of local and national government departments, as well as health partners.

In the meantime, the SYMCA LDDP complements the work of Homes England, more details of which can be found on the website.

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