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There are 890,000 jobs in South Yorkshire and jobs in almost every area of the economy. Many of the jobs related to the top (biggest) and growing sectors of the economy.

To give you an indication into the range of jobs available, thinking about a house being built and sold. A range of jobs are involved in this:

Pre build jobs: Planning. architects, Quantity urveyor, site manager, interior designer. Building and trade jobs: landscapers, excavators, concrete workers, windows, roofers, brick masons, electricians, plumbers, painters, cleaners, carpenters, appliance and floor installers. Real estate jobs: sales, valuation, mortgages, building inspection

It would be impossible to list all of the jobs in South Yorkshire on this page but the below table gives you a sense of the types of jobs available. These groupings are used by the Government to categorise jobs and show that South Yorkshire has more elementary occupations than managers, directors and senior officials but people often progress through the labour market.

Occupations and number of people working at these levels in South Yorkshire (ONS 2021)


Number of people

Managers, Directors And Senior Officials


Professional Occupations


Associate Professional & Technical


Administrative & Secretarial


Skilled Trades Occupations


Caring, Leisure And Other Service Occupations


Sales And Customer Service Occupations


Process Plant & Machine Operatives


Elementary Occupations


What jobs are most popular at the moment?

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) have produced charts showing the percentage change in number of job postings over the most recent timeframe. 

Visit the REC website to see which jobs are most popular.

Best paid jobs

Well paid jobs are available in all sectors of the economy. You can achieve high earnings working in most sectors, although some are easier to progress and some have more openings.  

View more information about the best paid-jobs on the Total jobs website.

View a range of salaries for different jobs on the Reed website.

For more information visit the Start in South Yorkshire website (external). This website is a new skills and employability website, developed for students, teachers, parents and employers across South Yorkshire. Register to create an account so that you can start building your profile and receive personalised information and advice: profile and receive personalised information and advice:

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