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Published 8 July 2022 at 1:50pm

Abbie, 19, from Sheffield, was in between jobs and looking to spend her time out of employment wisely by undertaking some training that would make her CV more appealing to prospective employers.

She heard about the services that PET-Xi provides and the help that they give to those looking to progress themselves and secure new work, and was keen to benefit from this.

Support provided by PET-Xi

PET-Xi works with a variety of different supported accommodation providers in Sheffield to help its residents improve their employability.

Abbie was initially visited by Kendall Clark, contract manager at PET-Xi, at her supported accommodation to work with her to boost her confi¬dence and motivation to seek employment opportunities.

When Abbie finished her sessions with Kendall, she was invited to take part in further courses at PET-Xi’s offices.

Abbie was enrolled onto Level 2 IT User Skills, Team Leading, and Customer Services which she took across a 20-day period in total.

She passed each course, and alongside her ongoing programme with PET-Xi, which she began back in February, has now secured work in the Sheffield area for Tecomet – a company who provide engineering work in the medical and aerospace sectors.

Kendall said: “Abbie was absolutely brilliant during the courses, and really applied herself during her time with us.

“It took a little bit of time for her to be confident enough to start tak¬ing some of our courses, but once she did, it was clear Abbie had the drive to get her qualifications and earn herself a job.

“But our support doesn’t end when a trainee passes their courses. We are delighted that Abbie has now found work for a reputable employer like Tecomet. She thoroughly deserves it and we look forward to seeing her progress and prove how capable she is.”


Now that she’s got some newly-discovered IT skills under her belt, Abbie is already thinking of what’s next. She’s looking to make a real impression in her new role.

“When I first came across PET-Xi, confidence was a big sticking point for me when it came to jobs. I now have the tools I need to force a change in my psyche in-work and I’m grateful for coming across an organisation who really invest in the people who they support.

“Outside of work, they also have helped me navigate some tricky personal challenges and really start to move in a forward direction again.

“Overall, PET-Xi has been amazing. They’ve helped me gain qualifications, improve my job suitability and generally lent a hand towards all the different things I have going on day-to-day. I’m desperate to improve and am looking ahead optimistically.”

Together we work as one

The Level Up programme was funded by South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority and helps 19-24-year-olds across Sheffield who are not in employment, education or training find work.

About the Adult Education Budget

The Adult Education Budget (AEB) provides residents in South Yorkshire who are aged 19 or over and not in employment, education or training, with access to free skills support and training programmes. The support can help you to secure work and build a career in some of our key sectors, such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics & transport, construction and retail.

Through the AEB, our employed residents can also take part in skills development programmes and training that may help you to progress in an existing job or move into a new career, traineeship, an apprenticeship or progress in your learning.

The programmes offered through the AEB are completely free of charge to the learner and are delivered by organisations that have been carefully chosen to provide the highest quality training. This includes Further Education colleges, local authority training providers, independent training providers and voluntary, charity and community associations.

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Last Updated: 05/10/2022

Published In: Skills and Employment


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