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A tree for everyone


A Tree For Everyone 

I will plant 1.4 million trees across our region: that is one tree for every person who lives here, making our communities greener, safer and better off. I am committed to the health and prosperity of South Yorkshire for current and future generations. Trees are an asset for our communities, now and in the future. Access to green spaces and trees make communities stronger, healthier and happier. We are rightly proud of our heritage, and our job is to preserve and build an environment which will shelter and build pride for those who follow us.

Free Trees for Communities

Why should we plant trees?

Native trees and woodlands are one of the best ways of combating climate change. Trees absorb carbon directly from the atmosphere and keep it locked up, whilst also helping our landscape adapt to the impacts of a changing climate through reducing flood risk in river catchments and reducing street temperatures in our urban centres.

We face an ecological crisis, with our wildlife facing extinction pressures at an unprecedented rate, yet quality woodlands support a huge breadth of wildlife, plants, fungi, birds, mammals and insects. 

Our own personal wellbeing is affected by our proximity to natural spaces too. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can help relieve stress, reduce anxiety and depression and improve recovery rates from physical injuries.

Air pollution is a major problem, particularly in our urban centres and transport corridors. Trees planted in the right places can help improve urban air quality on a local scale by forming a barrier between people and pollutants. They can also remove some particulate pollution from the air by catching the tiny particles on their leaf surfaces, reducing the impact of pollution on childhood asthma. 

How much woodland do we need?

The Climate Change Committee’s Sixth Carbon Budget recommends 18% canopy cover across the UK by 2050, in South Yorkshire we currently have less than 11%. Talking in Hectares, that means going from 16,500 Hectares to nearly 28,000 Hectares

Where will we plant all these trees?

Woodland Creation Opportunities MapWoodland Creation Opportunities  

Work undertaken by the SYMCA and partners has identified that there are opportunities for woodland creation across the region, including linking up or expanding existing wooded areas, as well as creating brand new woods.

How will we do this?

Can you help? Get in touch

Do you have something specific to contribute, or would just like to know more about this work? Then fill in this form below to be kept informed, my team will contact you to talk about how you can become part of my project.

Helping the Mayor’s Free Trees for Communities

How can you help – Community group, Land owner, Sponsorship, Just interested, etc