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Bicycles stacked up next to each other


Posted on 2 November 2020

By Irvin Bowley, Bike Tyke bike shop, Barnsley

While I don’t think that cycling is regarded as a costly hobby, customers at our independent bike service and repair shop – Bike Tyke in Worsbrough, Barnsley – are often surprised that we are able to offer decent quality bikes in the £200-£400 price range.

I would compare that to the cost of, say, supporting a football club; with the cost of tickets, travel and merchandise, or fishing; a decent set of fishing tackle will set you back £300-£400, then there are licence fees, permit fees, tackle replacements and upgrades, not to mention the cost of bait needed for every fishing trip.

If you’re looking for a hobby on a budget, cycling wins hands down.

In terms of using your bike as a mode of transport, once the basics of your bike and helmet are acquired, there is little expenditure outside of replacing worn-out items such as tyres, and the cost of a service every now and again.

Once your bike is acquired, the cost per ride is zero, which obviously compares very favourably to other modes of transport.

I’d advise anyone – regardless of budget – who is considering taking up cycling as a hobby or a method of commuting, to get to their local bike shop, all of which will have highly experienced staff who can advise on the best value in terms of service and repair work, or the purchase of new bikes.

At Bike Tyke, all of our staff members are keen cyclists who understand all aspects of cycling. They will tailor their advice to suit the customer’s preferred type of cycling and budget, to ensure that they’re getting the very best out of their time on the bike.


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